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Our cemeteries offer traditional in-ground burials, cremation, lawn crypts, and mausoleums.

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Forest Hill Cemetery East

Forest Hill Cemetery East was established in 1961, and has two lakes in front of the funeral home. The circled driveway features a flag presentation, and there is a 9/11 memorial, a special upright section, and trees that are hundreds of years old.

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Forest Hill Cemetery Midtown

Forest Hill Cemetery Midtown was established in 1888 and is located close to Graceland. Our Midtown Memphis cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Memphis, with one of the first abbeys ever built. The plethora of trees make for an arborist's dream.

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Forest Hill Cemetery South

Established in 1962, Forest Hill Cemetery South is the resting place for many of the area's prominent and founding families' members. Our South Memphis cemetery grounds consist of a well-landscaped brick entryway leading into a park divided into several well-manicured gardens.

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